Solar Panels

Solar panel is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect by absorbing sunlight. The main material of most solar panels is "silicon", but the cost of production is relatively high. It is so large that it has certain limitations in its universal use.
Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar batteries are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly green products.
The service life of solar panels is determined by the materials of the cells, tempered glass, EVA, TPT, etc. Generally, the service life of solar panels made by manufacturers who use better materials can reach 25 years, but with the impact of the environment, solar cells The material of the board will age with time. Under normal circumstances, the power will be attenuated by 30% after 20 years, and by 70% after 25 years.

Solar panels are generally installed on roofs, square tops, large balconies, etc. Therefore, thicker panels are required to be unaffected by wind and rain in summer. Each panel of the solar panel is independent. Before installation, prepare the screws of each panel. The screws are stainless steel, so don't worry about rust; first assemble the bracket, the bracket is three layers, and the top layer is placed on the host And solar controllers, etc., the lower two layers put batteries. You can learn the installation steps of solar panels by looking for videos on the Internet. If you are not assured, you can ask vip solar to install them.

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  1. Solar panel manufacturer customization


    Solar panel application field
    1. Small home lighting system: household photovoltaic power generation system
    2. Lamp power supply: such as garden lamps, street lamps, indoor lighting energy-saving lamps, etc.
    3. Solar traffic lights: traffic lights, warning lights
    4. Living areas: solar electric vehicles, solar water heaters, solar battery charging equipment
    5. Communication/communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power system; rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc.
    6. Solar heating system: use solar energy to provide energy for the heating equipment in the room to heat it.
    7. It is widely used in various lighting appliances, very suitable for electronic appliances and lighting in remote places such as villages, mountains, islands, highways and so on.

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  2. solar panel 600w


    Product name: 600W solar panel
    Custom processing: Yes
    Maximum power: 500W
    Working current: 10.35A
    Working voltage: 44.95V
    System voltage: 1500V
    Open circuit voltage: 45.98V
    Short circuit current: 10.69A
    Number of batteries: 120
    Dimensions: 2235/1133/35mm
    Product Certification: CQC
    Type: Laminated solar panels/modules
    Model: Double glass double-sided

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  3. Portable 30W 12V polysilicon solar panel


    Origin: Shenzhen, China
    Foldable solar panels: No
    Number of panels: >20
    Certification: CE
    Flexible solar panels: Yes
    Type: Solar Panel

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  4. 100 Watts Mono silicon solar cells, rigid aluminum frame


    We can customize solar panels with different specifications such as power, voltage, current, size, shape, process, etc. according to customer needs and product positioning, support proofing and testing, high quality assurance, and fast delivery!

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