Low Power 5.8GHz Radar Sensor


Low Power 5.8GHz Radar Sensor,5.8G radar induction sensor module LD012 low-power human motion detection long-distance adjustable light sensor.Customizable 2G/4G microwave radar

AT58L4MD-2020 is a low-power 5.8G radar sensor launched by Space Intelligence. The overall power consumption is about 8mA, and the module size is 20mm*20mm. The sensor adopts the radar sensor chip AT58MP1T1RD. The signal processor has high integration and good production consistency, and the peripheral is equipped with a miniaturized planar antenna, which greatly reduces the overall size while ensuring the performance of the sensor. The sensor has been widely used in the field of smart lighting due to its low power consumption, high cost performance and compliance certification. Preferred solution.
The module reserves 5 pin holes, with a total of 5 signal PINs of VCC, GND, OUT, P2 and P3, and the PIN distance is 2.54mm. If parameters such as tuning distance and delay time are required, they can be suspended or pulled down through P2 and P3. The state cooperates with the specific resistance on the module to select the corresponding gear or use the external MCU reserved on the module to rewrite the internal parameters.
The P2 and P3 pins on the AT58L4MD-2020 module are used to select different sensing distances and delay gears; P2 is used to adjust the sensing distance, with 3 resistors (th0, th1, th2) reserved on the module to provide 16 gears Different sensing distance options. When P2 is suspended or pulled high, the sensing distance of the module is far; when P2 is pulled low, the receiving gain is reduced by 18dB, and the sensing distance is short. The three distance adjustment resistors on the module are used to adjust the threshold for sensing judgment. The resistance bit NC represents 1, and the 0 ohm resistor represents 0. Refer to Figure 4 for the relationship between the three resistance bit states and the corresponding thresholds. The smaller the threshold, the farther the sensing distance is. P3 is used to select the pull-up time of the OUT signal after induction. When P3 is in the floating or pull-up state, the induction pull-up time is 2 seconds; when P3 is pulled down, the induction pull-up time is 15 seconds. If there is a new trigger during the period when the sense output is pulled high, the sense time will be extended. 7. The photosensitive detection module supports photosensitive detection. The sample module does not enable the photosensitive detection function by default. The position shown in Figure 5 is the photosensitive diode. The photosensitive threshold can be adjusted by changing the photosensitive judgment threshold or tuning the photoresistor. For the version with the light-sensitive function turned on, the radar sensor will only be activated when the ambient light is lower than the set illumination level. If the light is too bright, the module will not activate the sensor function.
The module has a power-on self-check function, that is, after the module is powered on, the OUT pin outputs a high level first, then outputs a low level after a delay of 2S, and enters the normal sensing mode after a delay of 0.5S for the low level.
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Low Power 5.8GHz Radar Sensor