CTSGR-400 60GHz millimeter wave radar

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CTSGR-400 60GHz millimeter wave radar

Robot avoiding obstacles
Regional Security Monitoring/Ray Vision All-in-one
Gas station/charging pile/lighting and other IoT sensing trigger applications
More industrial applications

Using TI 6843 solution, high integration, reliability and stability
60G frequency band with high bandwidth and high resolution, no frequency band licensing requirements
Detection distance 0.1~60 meters (person)
The horizontal FoV can reach 150°, the vertical FoV can reach 24°
Excellent antenna gain and RF design, and rapid secondary development and application based on TI Demo routines
Small size, suitable for being integrated into various application scenarios

Basic performance
Detection target type: stationary and moving targets (vehicles/pedestrians/obstacles, etc.)
Number of transceiver links 4T4R
Working mode FMCW (CS+MIMO+DBF)
Operating frequency range 60GHz ~ 62GHz
EIRP ≤22dBm
Detection distance range 0.1m ~ 60m (pedestrian)
Antenna gain 12-13dB
Azimuth wave velocity width (-6dB) 77°
Wave speed width of pitch plane (-6dB) 12°
Interface 1*SPI
1*input power

Conditions of Use
Working voltage 3.2-3.4VDC, typical value 3.3VDC
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Power consumption ≤4.4W
Mechanical specifications
Size (H*W*D) 55mm*55mm*12.3mm
Weight 19.2g

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CTSGR-400 60GHz millimeter wave radar