Better Power Energy Products PCB Proofing Production Wholesale

We are a professional PCB designer and manufacturer with more than 10 years of industry experience. You can get free samples when you place an order and submit drawings.

our PCB service:

  1. PCB design layout
    We can provide professional technical support and complex PCB design through a professional electronic team to meet customer requirements.
  2.  Rapid production of PCB
    We focus on rapid provision of prototypes, small and medium-volume PCB manufacturing services, and stable production in large quantities; double-sided PCBs can be manufactured within 24 hours, and multi-sided PCBs can be manufactured within 48-96 hours.
  3.  SMT/PCBA
    Multiple SMT and DIP assembly lines, reflow, and wave soldering equipment. Lead-free assembly line, the functional testing line to control quality, meticulous craftsmanship, safe and reliable.
  4.  Procurement of electronic components
    Integrate the whole industry chain, ensure quality and reasonable price, professional procurement engineers provide one-stop service for the supply chain from design to finished products.

Our experience:

  • Production of complex PCBs, such as X86 CPUs;
  • Production of bitcoin mining machine, graphics card PCB;
  • Solar inverter PCB;
  • Battery pack BMS PCB;
  • Outdoor LED large screen or splicing screen large PCB;
  • Automotive electronics PCB, such as navigation, starter, taillights, headlights, OBD, GPS positioning tracker, charging pile, brushless motor, and other precision PCBs;
  • Game entertainment equipment PCB, such as game machine PCB, gambling machine PCB;
  • Health and medical equipment PCB, such as ventilator, disinfection machine PCB, laser therapy device PCB, etc.;
  • New energy auto parts PCB, such as electric vehicle charging pile, electric vehicle charger, battery replacement BMS PCB;

Our advantage:

  1. 15 years of electronic product solution development, involving the Internet of Things, smart home, electric vehicles, energy storage equipment, and many other fields;
  2. 10 years of PCB manufacturing, and have produced PCBs for many big brands;
  3. Advanced production equipment and professional technicians;
  4. The integration of the industrial supply chain is perfect, the response speed is faster, the price is more reasonable, and a one-stop product shipping service can be provided.
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Better Power Energy Products PCB Proofing Production Wholesale