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A lithium-ion battery is a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Chemistry, performance, cost and safety characteristics vary across lithium-ion battery types. Unlike lithium primary batteries (which are disposable), lithium-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material instead of metallic lithium.

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  1. 3.7V 14A ternary power lithium battery pack


    Model Number: 3714
    Type: Li-Ion
    Certification: CE
    Nominal Capacity: 14000mah
    Origin: CN(Origin)
    Set Type: Batteries Only
    Bundle: Bundle 1
    Replacement Battery: Yes
    Battery Number: 1-12PCS
    Size: 133*66*18mm

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  2. 3.2V 105Ah LiFePO4 battery/Lithium iron phospha battery


    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Weight: 1995g

    Size: 200*130*38mm

    Model Number: 32105

    Nominal Capacity: 105Ah

    Application: for Electric car Solar Energy storage system

    Type: Li-Ion

    Voltage: 3.2V

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  3. 8*3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 battery pack


    Certification: CE

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Weight: 5.20kg

    Size: 174*72*205mm

    Model Number: 32280

    Nominal Capacity: 280Ah

    Application: E-scooter RV Solar Energy storage system

    Type: LiFePO4

    Voltage: 3.2V

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  4. Portable energy storage power generation system


    Battery type: lithium battery
    Dimensions: 255*85*140
    Rated capacity: 3000mAh
    Standard voltage: 3.7V
    Whether to customize: yes

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  5. Cylindrical 18650 lithium ion battery pack


    Battery type: Lithium ion battery
    Rated capacity: 2000mAh
    Standard voltage: 7.4V
    Dimensions: 18*135mm
    Custom processing: Yes

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  6. 3.2v 135Ah lifepo4 rechargeable battery


    Model Number: 3.2V-135Ah

    Type: Li-Ion

    Certification: CE

    Nominal Capacity: 135Ah

    Origin: CN(Origin)

    Set Type: Batteries Only

    Bundle: Bundle 1

    Replacement Battery: Yes

    Battery Number: 1-16PCS

    Size: 174*172*44mm

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  7. Solar street light lithium battery


    Solar street lamp battery factory is engaged in LED street lamp, lithium battery solar street lamp, middle and high pole street lamp, road sign pole, monitoring pole, landscape lamp manufacturer, new energy lighting technology, and advocate energy-saving life. The company has provided new rural lighting projects in many cities across the country. Renovation, providing a large number of lithium battery 12V120AH 12V120AH solar street light battery fire emergency battery, solar landscape light and other products, well received by customers, committed to professional street light manufacturers!

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  8. Electric bicycle battery



    1.According to the actual needs of customers, single batteries can be combined into battery packs of different sizes according to customer requirements. The battery pack can be discharged under the environment of -20℃~45℃;
    2. Cylindrical batteries, with good safety performance and strong adaptability;
    3. The product has a long cycle life, generally reaching more than 800 times under 100% DOD;
    4. Excellent high temperature cycle performance, more than 500 cycles at 55°C at 1C;
    5. Excellent low-temperature performance, the capacity of the single battery is maintained at more than 75% at -20 degrees, and the capacity of the battery pack is maintained at more than 85%;
    6. Wide operating temperature range, normal work within -20°C~55°C;
    7. The specific energy is high. At present, the specific energy of a single battery is about 200Wh, and the battery pack reaches more than 130Wh;
    8. The self-discharge rate of fully charged storage at room temperature for 1 month is less than 4%;
    9. Our company has fully automated production technology and production equipment, and the production of batteries has good consistency;
    10. High performance-price ratio, similar products are extremely competitive;

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