Household portable UPS backup battery, commercial energy storage equipment

Portable lithium ion battery energy storage power supply, also called portable energy storage power supply, outdoor power supply, often refers to a backup power supply or emergency power supply weighing no more than 18kg, using lithium ion batteries as energy storage components, using AC or DC for input charging (such as AC 220V, car 12V, etc.), the output is AC or DC (such as AC 220V, DC 12V, DC 5V, etc.).Portable power stations can solve all your electricity needs when traveling outdoors, such as computers, mobile phones, drones, electric cookers, etc.

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  1. 25.6V 12Ah LiFePO4 26650 battery pack


    Battery type: lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) battery
    Rated capacity: 12Ah
    Standard voltage: 25.6V
    Model: LFR 26650 25.6V 12AH
    Dimensions: 220*110*70 (mm)

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  2. Portable energy storage power generation system


    Battery type: lithium battery
    Dimensions: 255*85*140
    Rated capacity: 3000mAh
    Standard voltage: 3.7V
    Whether to customize: yes

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  3. Sale Golf cart lithium battery Golf cart lithium battery

    48V 150AH Lifepo4 Golf cart Electric sightseeing car Lithium battery

    Special Price $536.88 Regular Price $700.00

    48V 150AH Lifepo4 Golf cart Electric sightseeing car Lithium battery,Provide lithium iron phosphate 48V golf cart lithium battery electric sightseeing car lithium battery UPS, EPS lithium battery customization

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  4. computer ups power supply


    Product name: computer ups power supply
    Equipment type: online UPS
    Time to market: 2010
    Rated capacity: 3KVA
    Output voltage range: 220V
    Input voltage range: 220V
    Standby time: depending on the battery
    Conversion time: 0ms
    Product size: 140×362×267mm
    Weight: 7kg
    OEM: OEM available

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  5. Portable Generator


    Product Name: UPS

    AC output voltage: 220V50Hz / 1 10v60hz

    Output waveform: pure sine

    Output power: 2000W

    Peak power: 4000W

    Battery capacity: 25.9v72.8ah

    Charging voltage: dc29.4v10a

    Charging time: 8-9h

    Operating temperature: - 20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

    Charging protection: overvoltage, low voltage, overtemperature, overload, AC short circuit protection

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  6. 750V 500W Online Interactive UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


    Product Name:ups generator system

    Rated output voltage: 230V

    Rated input voltage: 230V

    Output voltage distortion: less than 5%

    Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃

    Model: sua750ich

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  7. Customized outdoor power bank


    Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery
    Rated capacity: 17500mAh
    Standard voltage: 25.6V
    Appearance size: 280*190*90mm
    Custom processing: Yes

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  8. Outdoor portable ternary lithium battery


    Certification: CE
    Origin: CN(Origin)
    Weight: 3.2kg
    Size: 220-81-230mm
    Model Number: 12V36AH
    Nominal Capacity: 36AH
    Application: Uninterruptible power supply
    Type: Li-Ion
    Voltage: 12V

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