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New energy auto parts are currently the dominant route in the auto industry. Major traditional auto manufacturers have begun to abandon the research and development of internal combustion engines and invest in the development of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles also have their own three major accessories. What are the accessories? Today, I will introduce the accessories of new energy vehicles.
Important accessories for new energy vehicles: electronic control

With the power support of the motor and the battery, of course, the electronic control system that directs the operation of the electronic components of the electric vehicle is also indispensable. It can be said that the electronic control system can be called the brain part of the electric vehicle. Among them, the on-board energy system is the core technology in the electronic control system. It is a link between the battery, the battery pack and the vehicle system, including battery management technology, on-board charging technology, DCDC technology and energy system bus technology. Therefore, vehicle energy system technology has increasingly become an important direction of industrial application technology research. At present, domestic new energy vehicle electronic control R&D manufacturers are still vigorously deploying, and gradually get rid of their dependence on foreign technology.

Important accessories for new energy vehicles: batteries

Although the heart of an electric vehicle is important, it still needs fresh blood to continuously replenish energy. The battery acts as the "blood" of the electric vehicle. As one of the most important accessories of an electric vehicle, the battery ensures the continuous power of the electric vehicle, which directly determines the battery life and service life of the electric vehicle. In China, as the core technologies of big-name battery manufacturers such as LG and Samsung continue to be imported into China, some battery companies have developed rapidly enough to compete with foreign manufacturers on the international stage.

Important accessories for new energy vehicles: motors

The motor is the power source of an electric vehicle, which is equivalent to the engine and gearbox of a traditional car, and can be described as the "heart" of an electric vehicle. Since my country's silicon or silicon carbide and some basic material industries still lag behind developed countries, the most core component in the motor controller, the IGBT, is basically dependent on imports. But it is worth mentioning that China Dayang Electric, Wolong Electric, Zhongke Sanhuan and other electric vehicle companies have caught up with the "international advanced level" in terms of motor control, no matter in terms of ride comfort, performance and function.

When it comes to the core components of new energy vehicles, it is undoubtedly the motor, battery, and electronic control. With the increasing improvement of the domestic new energy vehicle market, the sweet pastry of new energy vehicle accessories also attracts eagerness to try both inside and outside the industry. Today I will introduce you here, so do you know the accessories of new energy vehicles?

The new energy automobile industry not only maintains the characteristics of the long chain of the traditional automobile industry, but also adds important industrial links such as batteries, motors and electronic controls. Changes in the external environment are promoting a new round of industrial transformation in the automobile industry. New energy vehicles are an important direction for the upgrading and transformation of the automobile industry. The resources, production methods, supporting relationships and industrial layouts they require are constantly changing.

Other accessories of new energy vehicles are as follows:

New energy auto parts diaphragm

The main function of the diaphragm is to ensure the free circulation of lithium ions when the positive and negative electrodes are separated, which is one of the most important parts to ensure the safety of the battery. The separator can be soaked in the electrolyte, and there are a large number of micropores on the surface that allow lithium ions to pass through. Micropore density, as well as material selection, thickness, and other characteristics can affect the speed at which lithium ions pass through the separator and thus affect battery performance. It is estimated that the consumption of separators in lithium batteries is roughly 20m2/kWh.

Electrolyte for new energy auto parts

Electrolyte, as a carrier to drive the flow of lithium ions in lithium ion batteries, plays a pivotal role in the operation and safety of lithium batteries. According to calculations, in the cost composition of the electrolyte, the solvent accounts for about 30%, the additive accounts for about 10%, and the main component solute accounts for about 60%. Lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) is the main solute on the market. Panasonic NCR18650 battery also uses lithium hexafluorophosphate as the solute. Each kWh lithium battery requires 0.15kg of lithium hexafluorophosphate. Lithium hexafluorophosphate can also be prepared from lithium carbonate.

New energy auto parts copper foil

According to different production processes, copper foil is divided into rolled copper foil and electrolytic copper foil. Rolled copper foil is generally used as a building decoration material. Due to its good conductivity, soft texture, good ductility and easy processing and deformation, Tongbo is also the first choice for making negative electrode current collectors for lithium batteries. The function of the current collector of lithium ion battery is to collect the current generated by the active material of the battery to form a larger current output. Therefore, the current collector should have a low specific surface energy so that the active material can be fully contacted and has excellent conductivity. .

New energy auto parts aluminum plastic film

The aluminum-plastic film is a multi-layer film composed of outer nylon layer/adhesive/intermediate aluminum foil/adhesive/inner heat-sealing layer, which is the packaging material for soft-pack lithium batteries.

The research and development of high-quality aluminum-plastic composite film is the key to the successful development of liquid flexible packaging lithium-ion battery, a high-tech product. As a liquid flexible packaging lithium ion battery shell, the aluminum-plastic composite film is no longer just a simple outer packaging of the battery, but an indispensable and important part of the liquid flexible packaging lithium ion battery.

Aluminum plastic film has the characteristics of extremely high barrier properties, good cold stamping formability, puncture resistance, electrolyte stability, high temperature resistance, and strong insulation.

New energy auto parts conductive agent

As the commercialization of lithium batteries becomes more and more extensive, the charging and discharging process of lithium batteries on the surface of the positive electrode material is that when the battery is discharged, the lithium ions in the pores enter the positive active material, and if the current increases, polarization will occur. Increase, the discharge is difficult, so the conductivity between the electrons is poor, and the conductivity of the active material itself is far from enough. In order to ensure that the electrode has good charge and discharge performance, a certain amount of conductive The agent plays the role of collecting microcurrent between the active substances and the current collector.

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